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So, uh, anyone ever figure out what was with the free breakfast this morning?
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[There's a couple seconds of silence as Jim turns on the audio function. The journal's more different then advanced compared to the stuff back home, but also... not really. So it's been an interesting thing to start messing around with.]

Uh, is this thing on? [And there's some more fiddling with the journal. It's probably a good thing Jim's always been good with technology and taking things apart, so this really isn't too hard to figure out, and eventually he gets the video function working, looking into the curiously.] Huh. This is... definitely different, I guess.

[And then the screen is invaded by a very excitable looking... thing, that can really only be described as a floating pink blob with eyes, which is excitedly chattering "definitely different, definitely different" as the teenager tries to get control of the journal back.]

Morph, knock it off, don't do that -

[The camera turns away for a moment, and there's a couple seconds of muffled bargaining with the creature before Jim turns the camera back on him, looking a little embarrassed. Or maybe just awkward. He's never really been great with this introducing himself thing.]

Uh, I'm Jim. I guess I'm one of the new kids the Admiral picked up.

So, this kind of stuff - [He gestures for a second.] The journals, I mean, run of the mill for everyone else or... what?


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